Welcome to SidPo Productions, where we offer material that is colorless; appealing to diverse audiences while remaining relevant, always fresh and always new.

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Meet Sid Powell

A New Yorker by birth, Siddeeqah ‘Sid’ Powell migrated to Atlanta, Ga. at the age of seven, going on to secure a College Track Scholarship to Georgia Tech. 

Sid graduated from GT receiving her BS in Management and later received her Masters in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Screenwriting from SNHU.  After enjoying remarkable success as a fiction novelist, Sid took on the challenge of live stage production and would eventually settle into her sweet spot as a Screenplay Writer.

 After penning  NAACP Image Award nominated TV movie, “Somebody’s Child” she would go on to write three additional TV movies, ‘The Dempsey Sisters’, “What Would You Do For Love?’, and ‘Love Will Find A WayAs a Creative Coordinator at Tyler Perry Studios and the proud owner of SIDPo Productions, this dynamic artist maintains a well-rounded arsenal of scripts for feature and short films as well as TV series. 

She is a scribe on a mission with immeasurable tenacity, dedication, and devotion in creating stories that entertain and educate the masses.


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Sid's Projects

2022 Current Projects

"I hope Sid will continue to be inspired and inspire others, there is a desire and need especially in the African American Community for positive, uplifting images and the need to celebrate those in our community who are making a positive contribution."

Other Projects

  • Somebody's Child
  • Love Will Find A Way
  • The Dempsey Sisters
  • What Would You Do For Love


Poetry: The Power of Potential

There comes a time in your life when it’s therapeutic to talk, share, and tell others about what you’ve been through. To come out of hiding, out of the closet, out of the dark and into the light with your eyes wide open unafraid. If you go blind and lose your sight, so be it, look directly into the sun and embrace the glare head on.

"I'm not a Doctor, a Teacher, a Truck Driver, the President or First Lady. I'm not a Caucasian man, an Asian teenager, a Pilot or a Priest; but what I am is a WRITER, and as such I can become any or all of those people. I'm a beautiful chameleon that shifts and changes in order to reach the masses. I write to inspire and to entertain hoping to imbibe others with the desire to seek their own purpose. It's my pleasure and a gift to be a storyteller."


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